Trip Management page

Trip payment management and tracking

Full tracking of payments on all trips, including all invoices and any outstanding payments.
Automatic notifications of all financial activities.

Post-trip reconciliations and tasks don’t slip through the cracks

Notifications and automation makes sure all loose ends are tied up after a trip and that your customers continue to receive great service.
Examples include:
  • Reminder to send a supplemental invoice of any additional costs
  • Automatic task created to send post-flight report to customer
  • Automatic feedback link sent to customer 1 day after trip completion

Checklists are a Charter Manager's best friend

Ensure that all required tasks for any action are completed and 'checked off' and that nothing slips through the cracks. See incomplete tasks 'at-a-glance' and address them immediately.
Examples include:
  • New customers - use a checklist to ensure info for at least two contact methods has been collected
  • Trips - setup a pre-departure checklist to ensure no details are missed before takeoff:
  • Confirm signed contract uploaded
  • Confirm dietary requirements/preferences
  • Confirm VISA requirements
Confirm signed contract uploaded
Confirm dietary requirements/preferences
Confirm VISA requirements

A Schedule Board to visualize all your Trips

Narrow your view to one type of filter i.e. 'Scheduled' trips only, or layer multiple filters to see a complete picture of all trip statuses.

Passenger data at your fingertips, stored behind world-class security

  • Easily add passengers and Trip information, all on one screen.
  • Store required passenger data for quick PAX list creation.
  • is built on the platform so our customers automatically access the data and permissions structures of the world's most powerful cloud platform.
  • Find out more about the security of our platform on our 'Technology' page here

Full Trip cost breakdowns for complete transparency

Give your customers the costing detail they want. Have a customer that prefers simple invoices? No problem - you control what is presented.

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