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We've harnessed the power of the world's leading CRM platform and tailored it for Business Aviation sales teams. enables you to enhance your sales processes and customer service whilst keeping your personal touch. With full sales process automation, exists to be the foundation on which to grow your brokerage.

Using any other platform is like flying commercial instead of private.

Track any customer info, view on one screen

Anything you want to track, is your
'source of truth'. is the only platform tailored specifically for Business Aviation. Track all customer-related data, including:
  • Total revenue
  • Trip history incl. quotes & contracts
  • Preferences/birthdays
  • Days since last contact/booking
  • Personal ID data
All documents are centrally stored, with new quote and trip data automatically updated in real-time and displayed on one screen.

Stay on top of
with real-time
notifications and reminders for any task

Examples include:
Automatic reminder to confirm Trip details
24 hours before takeoff
Automatic reminder to contact Accounts inactive for over 90 days
Automatically notify Accounts when a signed contract is received
Automatic receipt of specific reports at a set time of day, week or month
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Gain instant transparency into sales team and company performance

Automatic data analytics, reporting and dashboards gives you one-click access to your most important metrics, at any time, in the format of your choice.

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Customer feedback can give you the edge over everyone else automatically sends links to your customers to provide feedback immediately after a flight.

(New research published in the Harvard Business Review found that simply asking for customer feedback is enough to keep customers returning.)
Thank you for flying with us, we hope you had a pleasant trip. Please click this link to leave feedback

Let automate your approval processes, no emailing required

From a quick review by the Sales Manager to several layers of conditional approval, we've got it covered. Specify information required before submitting for approval i.e. Gross Profit,
CANX policy, safety report of selected Operator etc.

Checklists are a Charter Manager's best friend

Ensure that all required tasks for any action are completed and 'checked off' and that nothing slips through the cracks. See incomplete tasks 'at-a-glance' and address them immediately.
Examples include:
  • New customers — use a checklist to ensure all required details are captured upfront, for example:
Record phone number AND email
Confirm dietary requirements/preferences
Confirm birthday
  • Trips — setup a pre-departure checklist to ensure no details are missed before takeoff.

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