Frequently Asked Questions

Do we own the data that we enter into

Definitely - it is written into our contract that our customers own their own data. has no rights to your data.

Do we need to be using Salesforce already?

No - can be used without an existing Salesforce environment or license.

Do we need separate Salesforce licenses?

No - is a Salesforce OEM partner which means that we provide our own licenses without the need to hold a separate Salesforce Enterprise license as well.

Do you offer a ‘Read-Only’ license?

Yes - this license is perfect for users only needing access to Reports.

Can access be restricted for specific users?

Absolutely - you have full control over access permissions and can limit what each user is able to see and do within the platform.

Will you share my data?

Absolutely NOT. will never share your or your customers' data. As part of our agreement with Salesforce, we may need to disclose some of your company registration information with them, but NEVER your customers' information.

Where is my data held/stored?

The data center where your data is stored defaults to one located in the region of your head office. However, you are able to request for your data to be stored in a different geographic region.

What happens if's servers go offline?

Full, complete and geo-redundant failover sites are maintained in near real-time. This means your data is stored on a main server, with a copy immediately sent to a back-up/fail-over server stored in a completely different geographic location. In the very, very unlikely event of main server failure, the back-up server is immediately and automatically deployed with very minimal downtime.

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