Change is inevitable but doesn't need to be challenging.

January 10, 2022

Change is always challenging and embracing new technology is often met with resistance. However, there is a certain inevitability that staring down change will only result in blurred vision. It is the early adopters who have the clearest sight, and it is often these radicals that are responsible for pushing new approaches, revolutionizing business systems, and modifying mindsets. Bezos, Gates, Musk, all household names who were willing to change the status quo, and for many, have improved life considerably.

Resistance is futile

Just like industries everywhere, business aviation is becoming increasingly digitized which is requiring the design and implementation of an increasing number of new data management systems that do things differently to optimize the information available. Similarly, when Enterprise Resource Planning software was introduced some twenty years ago it was met with resistance, yet it brilliantly enhanced and improved business systems.

And now too we are witnessing a data and business process revolution which is compelling the somewhat traditional business aviation sector to embrace new data management systems. Data generation, collection and organization is already an integral part of the landscape, yet many are still figuring out what to do with all this data, and why current methodology needs to change. True, technology for technology’s sake is of no use to anyone, endless features and functionality that promise to solve all your issues can be overwhelming, which why specifying what you need the data to do is essential. It is business that should be controlling the data and its benefits not the other way round.

Relieve the pain points.

The identification of existing issues within an organization paves the way to showcasing how a new system will solve pain points. Defining the why will help with the inevitable what does it do that we can’t already? It’s not enough to say, ‘it will make us more efficient’, tangible examples of benefits, and even proven results from competitors or third parties will make the way to acceptance smoother. Sounds obvious, but in our experience, not always practiced. If you’re asking people to change their behaviour i.e. use a new technology system, they are going to want to know what’s in it for them.

It is vital that each application and function must have a purpose. A customized solution provides the pillars from which all other business processes can evolve. It goes a long way to ensuring a business process can move from paper, be enhanced and improve the overall outcome. It is not simply a case of transferring the familiar paper-trail process, it is much more, it is the ability to actually have the system function in the way you want it to.  

Optimizing data

The ability to automatically aggregate, collate and analyze data is changing the business process and pro-actively supports operations at all levels. These efficiencies operate at corporate levels too. Intelligent data analysis delivers a 360 view of the business. The reporting and the analytics will also support strategic business development and inform management decision-making. Benchmarking is made comparatively simple, KPIs are automated, and the sales team can monitor what helps win customers over at the stroke of a key. This is a win for everybody.

At we’re committed to creating data systems that manage the two-way flow of data through a Trip Request Lifecycle. A growing number of users are welcoming a system that optimizes, analyzes and securely stores the massive amounts of data generated each time flights are planned, scheduled, operated or cancelled. The ability for to integrate with scheduling, financial, trip planning and aircraft sourcing systems, ensures users can harness data to improve sales, increase operational efficiency and generate real-time management reporting. And with the transformation of customization, reduce and automate workflows.

Breathe new life into systems, and your teams.

Traditionally business aviation data has been used to give historical oversight, but with we are breathing life into that data to make it work harder for you today, and into the future. The implementation of this new system will give time back to overworked teams. Ask any remote or office-based employee if they’d like an extra hour or two in their day, that’s a definite yes response and the new system will be welcomed.

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