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    Integration of aviation industry data

    The sales strategy drives the CRM strategy, NOT the other way around.

    The ultimate goal of any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system should be to support your sales strategy and goals.


    The sales strategy drives the CRM strategy, NOT the other way around.


    Integrating data from both internal and external sources, with your customer data is a big part of this CRM strategy. The practice of switching from one application to another is a common one, particularly within the aviation industry and it causes huge inefficiency in business processes. Data integration should relieve the burden of data-entry on your people, as well as helping your business scale by providing better customer insights and providing data that enables your people to achieve more with less resources.


    There are countless CRM's on the market today and the right choice depends on your requirements. At STACK.aero we tend to recommend Salesforce for the aviation industry, as its integration and customization capabilities are especially strong, as well as providing high levels of data security.


    Integration of aviation data from external sources into Salesforce.

    Although only a few 'open source' (i.e. publicly available) data sources are available (and useful) to the aviation industry, there are some still great opportunities for data integration (paid and free). These can then be correlated with your customer data inside your CRM and can help you target your customers and sales strategy more effectively. Examples include:

    • Airports Database API; AirportData.com - one of the more sophisticated API’s for airport data.
    • FlightAware; flightaware.com – has a wide range of integration capabilities for flight and airport data globally, as well as accessing data on traffic within your own fleet and matching that with customer data inside Salesforce.
    • Avinode Marketplace API; avinode.com – STACK.aero has the Salesforce expertise and aviation industry experience to integrate your Avinode data with your customer data in Salesforce

    Integration of data from internal sources into Salesforce.

    Integrating data from the various other disparate systems your business uses is one of the most effective ways to reduce the burden of manual data entry on your staff and target your customers more effectively with your sales strategy. Such integrations may include:

    • Scheduling system integration; STACK.aero can help you bring the data from your flight planning system into Salesforce, and match it against your customer database. For example:
      • Our Charter Metrics Salesforce-FOS integration (Rockwell Collins; Flight Operations System) automatically matches your customers trip history and aircraft availability with your Accounts & Contacts in Salesforce.
    • Accounting system integration; There are a number of integrations available with popular accounting systems like QuickBooks, Intacct, and Xero. For example:
      • A draft invoice is created in your Accounting system when a trip is confirmed for a Customer in your scheduling system.
    • Email Marketing systems; Once your scheduling data is inside Salesforce, it’s easy to target customers with e-marketing based on their trip volume and trip patterns. For example:
      • Send a targeted email campaign to all customers with > 100 Block Hours
      • Target all customers who have flown on the 'Citation Sovereign within 500 miles of Teterboro airport'.

    If you’d like to know more about the integration capabilities of Salesforce and other aviation data sources, both internal and external to your company, please get in touch with us

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