• Product Specification - CharterFlow for Business Aviation

  • Standard & Custom objects currently offered:

  • Limitations

    Some standard ‘CRM’ functionality is not available to users under the ‘OEM Embedded’ Salesforce license type offered by STACK.aero. Instead, many of these workflows have been purpose-built by us so that they match the unique processes and requirements for this business aviation industry. A full list of these limitations is provided by Salesforce at this link. A brief summary of these is: Opportunities, Leads, Campaigns, Forecasts, Cases, Contracts, Quotes, Products, and Price Books unless permission is expressly granted in writing.


    Storage Limits

    Storage provided by Salesforce is substantial and typically more than enough for most small-medium organizations. In cases where additional storage is required it can be purchased from Salesforce, or a data-purge / backup policy can be developed. Storage limits are as per the Salesforce documentation as at 16 Sept 2016:

    • Data Storage: 20MB/User or 1GB per organization, whichever is greater
    • File Storage: 2GB/User plus 11GB per organization.
    API Limits

    API Limits provided by Salesforce are substantial, more info available here:

    • 1000 Calls per license type   (5,000 Minimum / 1,000,000 Maximum)

    On-Premise Integration Services

    Integration services are provided via the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure with a dedicated database instance provided for each customer, along with on-premise connectivity tools developed by Microsoft. These tools are subject to the standard terms & conditions outlined by Microsoft here.

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