• Do I need to purchase Salesforce to use STACK.aero?

    Not at all - as a Salesforce OEM Partner, when you buy a license with STACK.aero you are automatically gaining access to the Salesforce.com platform.

    Do you offer technical support?

    Absolutely - with offices on both sides of the world we have all time zones covered and business-critical issues are addressed ASAP.

    Do you offer 'limited' licenses for non-core users?

    Yes - we offer licenses with limited access and functionality for users who do not need to use the entire platform, for example Crew.

    Can I create customized Reports?

    Definitely - we offer a standard set of Reports and Dashboards with our 'core' platform, with the option to create specific reports based on your unique needs. Any data in STACK can be fully measured and analyzed in countless ways.

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