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December 8, 2021

Reporting is one of the most asked about features of CharterFlow. Operators consistently tell us they lack useful business data to inform strategy and growth (or simply show their sales stats for the month).

CharterFlow continuously processes all entered data, generating reports/analytics specific to your operations. Once set up, a report will automatically update with new information and can even be set to distribute at a certain time each day/week/month.

Below are some examples of the kinds of reports possible in CharterFlow. All are fully customizable (by time frame, data type, chart display etc) and we can also create new reports to suit your needs.

Actuals vs. Targets (click to enlarge)

Track actual performance such as No. of Quotes generated, Total Charter Hours Sold against set targets/KPIs.

Sales Pipeline & Activities (click to enlarge)

See a snapshot of current sales activities and pipeline, such as Average Margins, Close Ratios and Pending Quotes needing Follow-ups.

Individual Aircraft Reporting (click to enlarge)

Report on each aircraft in your fleet, including Revenue levels, Hours Flown, Actual vs. Targeted sales metrics. Perfect for Aircraft owner reporting (and also available in our Aircraft Owner portal).

Avinode requests (click to enlarge)

View your highest value customers/brokers and stats on internal request response rates.

Flights Ops - empty legs and 48hr outlook (click to enlarge)

View a list of empty legs available to sell and see all upcoming booked trips.

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