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PRESS RELEASE- attracts Aviation technology expertise

PRESS RELEASE attracts aviation technology expertise.

The rising trajectory of the CharterFlow application, a solution to challenges caused by business aviation's fragmented ops systems, has brought a scheduling and charter operations expert into its developer's employ.

Australian aviation technology firm has appointed Johan Segring as a Director and Vice President. Segring is a specialist in the Flight Operations System (FOS) from Rockwell Collins and an authority on account management systems.

CEO Greg Jarrett says: “Johan possesses the unique combination of business aviation technology expertise and the foresight to recognise how technology directly impacts charter operator revenue and profit. Attracting someone of his calibre is a major benefit to our clients.”

The company expects its CharterFlow air charter workflow management system to become the industry standard 'central nervous system' for all aircraft operators, and Segring says: “When you move past a few aircraft on the certificate and want to keep overhead costs to a minimum, investing in automation and analysis tools is a must-have. At we have the technological and industry expertise to integrate disparate software solutions, so operators can scale up without having to add new personnel.”

Built on the platform, the application arms operators with the tools required to remain competitive in the growing business aviation market.

Jarrett adds: “The so-called democratization of private flying has meant a growth in both industry players and potential customers. There is no room for outdated, manual processes if operators want to remain competitive. CharterFlow gives Part 91 and 135 operators the key to efficiency by unifying independent flight ops, sales and accounting systems, while leveraging the power of the data they each hold.”

Article originally appeared in Business Air News, 16th October 2018.

About is the technology in Business Aviation workflow management systems and integrations. Their flagship product, CharterFlow, is an industry-first solution to provide the central ‘source of truth’ of business-critical information and data for Charter Operators. CharterFlow unifies the various different processes and software-systems utilised by operators through a Salesforce-powered platform.

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