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October 2018 feature release - CharterFlow

Once again, our latest update focuses around profitability - prioritizing specific Trip requests, automating invoicing, replacing spreadsheets during quoting to name a few.

> Revenue/Profit Management

  • Automated calculation of trip margins (replaces spreadsheets)
  • Automated calculation & reporting of trip profitability (replaces spreadsheets)
  • Assign aircraft-specific costs when multiple aircraft used in one Trip

> Trip request filtering and prioritization

  • Filter Trip requests by 'Go Now' status, aircraft, block hours, cycle ratio, specific customer
  • Assign a 'Quote Score' according to company-specific metrics

> Charter Invoicing & Cost Management

  • Automated invoice generation - trip data auto-filled into invoice template
  • Integrated invoicing with Accounting systems (e.g. Sage)
  • Ability for sales teams to generate invoice 24/7, without direct access to accounting systems
  • Management of pre/post-trip charges and associated re-invoicing

> Automatic multi-currency conversion

  • Automatic assignment of up-to-date daily exchange rates to relevant costs & aircraft for trips with multi-currency components

Existing features:
Sales workflow automation, One-click document generation (incl. contracts), Centralized historic trip data, Live sales dashboards/KPI tracking, Automated trip-pattern recognition/notification,

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