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May 2018 feature release - CharterMetrics

The 'auto' features of CharterMetrics are especially popular with our users.

So far in 2018 we've focused development on introducing and enhancing 'auto' features directly related to customer profitability.

    > Enhanced identification of customer spend & aircraft utilization patterns

    • Automatically identify Jet Card 'Tier' candidates
    • Automatically identify candidates for tier promotion
    • Automatically identify candidates for Block Hours agreements

    > Early notification of upcoming trip patterns

    • Preempt common bookings i.e. annual sporting events
    • Lock in future revenue

    > Automatic reminders of customer preferences

    • Popup reminders of specific requirements i.e. dietary
    • Attention to detail for maximum customer satisfaction

    Existing features:
    Auto identification of sales trends, Sales workflow automation, At-a-glance customer overviews,

    One-click document generation, Live sales dashboards/KPI tracking, Accounting/E-Marketing integration


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