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How Salesforce is being used in the aviation industry (updated 2018). originally published an article in 2015 with 3 great examples of how companies in the Aviation industry have effectively deployed Salesforce. The 4 companies we focused on at that time were GE Aviation, Virgin America, Delta and American Airlines.

We all know that technology development moves at a rapid pace, and we are now talking about big data, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence / machine learning.

The companies that deployed Salesforce back in 2015 set up the perfect foundation to leverage these new capabilities as they became available, and are now reaping the benefits of centralizing their data into a CRM solution to build a constantly evolving profile of each customer.

In this article, we’ll focus on 3 additional aviation companies who have also implemented Salesforce. The common theme amongst each of these implementations is that each company wanted a tool that would drive their ‘digital transformation’ strategy, helping them stay ahead of the curve and leverage new technologies as soon as they become available.

Who: Airbus

Airbus “is bringing its sales and service teams onto a single platform, increasing collaboration across departments and enabling smarter business decisions based on real-time data.” (

Sales and Service are often quite disparate parts of a business. The ability to centralize data in a single place and automatically update it in real time with data from multiple channels, means that Airbus is perfectly positioned to be able to predict what their customers will need in the future. This also means they are positioned to anticipate those requirements before the customer does. They have leveraged the predictive capabilities of Salesforce Einstein to “make predictions and recommendations that optimize the customer experience”.

Who: Flair Airlines

Chris Lapointe from Flair Airlines puts it clearly when he says “Salesforce is the cornerstone for building a service model that will allow us to stay ahead of the competition” ( ).

Salesforce has long been a pioneer in implementing new technology to help its customers stay ahead of the competition – knowing that the right foundation is in place to take advantage of these opportunities is critical to moving quickly.

As the article outlines, Flair has an aggressive growth strategy and ‘providing smarter customer service’ is considered a key part of that growth. The ability to grow quickly without replacing IT systems is a key component of scalability and being more efficient in day to day operations.

Who: Embraer

Embraer “has deployed Salesforce to transform how it connects with its customers and deliver more personalized, impactful customer experiences(

With data previously distributed across 80 different data sources, Embraer is a great example of the ability to have a ‘source of truth’ in Salesforce. This data can then be used to drive customer interactions across the full life cycle of a customer. As the article explains, in the aviation manufacturing industry this life cycle begins long before an aircraft acquisition and continues throughout the life of the aircraft with that customer.

Again, the access to technology which allows Embraer to predict customer behaviour results in huge benefits to customer service, and subsequently less disruption for the airlines and their passengers.

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