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How Part135s can turn BizAv trends into business opportunities

Trend: Changing competitor landscape

Potential Threat

Many new approaches to private charter have been introduced by completely new entrants. As a result, existing Part 135s and charter brokers are having to fight to maintain their market share.

Additionally, new business models are carrying more inherent risk - although potential sales volumes may increase, revenue-per-sales levels are decreasing.


The growth in potential BizAv customers is the clear opportunity here.

Operators can choose to utilise the new charter models mentioned above, whether wholly or in part, but may also choose to maintain the status quo. Here, more operators are instead pursuing better utilization of their current fleet via revenue from empty legs or transient aircraft (Delta launches new ‘Sky Access’ program).

If operators choose not to pursue more ‘democratic’ models, it is then critical to ensure best practice across all internal operations. Here, the opportunity is of ensuring practices are competitive and streamlined, with optimum process and cost efficiency.


Technology is vital to future of all operators, whether pursuing new models or improving current ones. The changing BizAv landscape demands operators become more efficient, dramatically reduce manual processes/technical disparity, decrease costs and increase opportunity conversion (volume and speed the essential elements).

And of course, quality of service must not be compromised as a result.

Trend: The digital age

Potential Threat

BizAv’s movement towards greater technology adoption in general means going ‘digital’ in some form is no longer a differentiator for aviation businesses, but rather a ‘must have’.

Operators that fail to upgrade their internal technology investments seriously risk falling behind more advanced competitors.


Opportunities can be found in both internal and customer-facing applications.

By and large, Part 135s have operated within organisational environments of disparate software systems, data silos and manual processes. Technology solutions can give operators the opportunity to automate, streamline and modernise their operations, to ensure their future viability in the industry.

Concurrently, with customers wanting to book faster and earlier, digital solutions such as online quoting tools and client portals can greatly enhance the customer experience and capture a wider market.


In exploring more digital offerings, the key here is to pursue paths that strike the right balance between technology and the high-touch customer service BizAv prides itself upon.

Operationally, identify where your organisation’s biggest inefficiencies lie and explicitly move to correct them.

New workflow tools, such as Avinode’s TripManager and’s CharterMetrics, are examples of technology solutions specifically built to assist BizAv players in remaining competitive within a rapidly modernising landscape.

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