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How many airports can you actually fly to?

How many airports can you actually fly to that are not serviced by Commercial airlines?

One of the common selling points of air charter is that you can fly to ‘around’ 5000 airports that are not serviced by commercial airlines. So what is the actual number?

We decided to take a look at the airports database for North America, using open source data available from the great guys at

We decided to put some boundaries around this data, to reflect the more public side of business aviation and air charter – which we believe to be trips performed in turbo-prop and turbo-jet aircraft, ie King Air’s, Citations and upwards from there. The minimum requirement for runway length was 800m to reflect the lower end of the Turbo-Prop category landing requirements. For the moment we only took North American airports, however Global data might come again in the future in another blog post.

If you take a look at the density map there is a definite majority of airports located in the major metropolitan regions of Florida, California, New York and Ohio.

One of the nice features we plan on implementing in a future version of CharterSTACK is the ability to find airports using these visual methods, on a much more localised basis, on your mobile device. So you can make quick decisions about alternative airports when building charter quotes for your customer.

(This data is general info only, and doesn’t take into account more specific airport data like lighting, runway width, facilities etc which will also impact whether or not an airport is suitable for a given aircraft)

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