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Automated quote requests & multi-currency

One of the things we believe here at is that the ability to maintain a custom aircraft database is a critical aspect of success. There are charter aircraft that only you know about, or which you have the latest information on, and this is the kind of information that gives you the ability to provide unique charter options to the customer – giving you a better chance of winning the job.

So…how much time do you spend emailing the operators of those aircraft for quotes, so that they have a written itinerary in front of them? What if you could automate your quote request emails for those aircraft, right from within your own air charter software system? Well, you can! Just enter your charter itinerary, pick multiple aircraft that match the customers’ requirement, and voila! email the itinerary and a quote request to the operator of each aircraft.

Operators always like to hear your voice on the other end of the phone as well, so we’re not suggesting you don’t call them to follow up the quote, but the sooner you get the itinerary to them, the sooner they can quote it and get back to you with a price…and the sooner you can get back to the customer.

We’ve also added support for Multi-Currency quotes, so that if you’re one of those Operators or Charter Brokers that operates across borders, buying flights in one currency but selling in another currency (because that’s what your customer wants), the charter software will manage that adjustment for you, based on exchange rates that YOU set for YOUR organization.

You’re not limited to the currencies we define for you – you define them yourself, along with the exchange rates you need for your business. So if you like to quote flights in Zimbabwean Dollars (ZWD) you can even do that!!

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